Utilities wage campaign against rooftop solar – The Washington Post

After years of sitting by and ignoring the viability of green energy, solar and wind power, the fossil fuel powered utilities have awoken to the reality these are a very real threat to their existence. It being too late for them to be the innovators that they could have been, Their next move? PR and lobbying. An excerpt from the Washington Post is bellow-
“The utilities are fighting tooth and nail,” said Scott Peterson, director of the Checks and Balances Project, a Virginia nonprofit that investigates lobbyists’ ties to regulatory agencies. Peterson, who has tracked the industry’s two-year legislative fight, said the pivot to public utility commissions moves the battle to friendlier terrain for utilities. The commissions, usually made up of political appointees, “have enormous power, and no one really watches them,” Peterson said.
One of the links within this article is from the EEI-
EEI must educate customers
David Owens tells the investor-owned utilities that the plan must include convincing customers to be concerned about net-metering.


One of the big complaints they have is regulations. Since wind and solar don’t pollute during the generation stage they don’t need as much regulation.