Naomi Klein: Capitalism and the Climate, Festival of Dangerous Ideas 2015 – YouTube

I came upon this video of Naomi Klein speaking recently at the The Festival of Dangerous Ideas held September 5&6 at the Sydney Opera House. Streamed live on Sept 5th.

As 86 notions, meaning to throw out your past ideas of how this world must work (aka. changing the way you think). Naomi Klein puts it in perspective. The ways of capitalism, as we know it today, are incompatible with sustaining life on this planet.

Should we force a change? In a way, yes. By force, but not by force. Innovation is key to change. Socially and politically and innovation comes from small groups, companies, individuals with a  desire to make life better not just for a profit but because they care.

Empathy for people. Love of the planet and all life no matter how small or seemingly insignificant has to come first above money and profit. There is great profit to be made by caring. It takes longer but it lasts longer. It is sustainable. It can and must be done.