The Battle for Clean Energy

Our most challenging obstacle in converting to clean environmentally friendly energy is not cost but the conservative and corporate mind set. The idea that the root source of energy is free, ample and worldwide and therefore unable to turn a profit through exploration and extraction could be frightening if your business model is based on turning a profit from every aspect involved in the manufacturing of your end product.

This approach seems, as I see it, to be the way international corporations have modeled themselves and that is counterproductive in the long-term. Electricity in today’s world is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

As long as the grid is held in the mini monopolies that make up the national network we currently have, innovative and progressive ideas and solutions will be viewed as a threat to the status quo.

By looking at electricity solely as a singular profit generating entity and not as an evolving body in need of constant inner growth, care and ideological innovations, progressive growth becomes hampered or halted by quick growth profiteering.

Long term sustainable profit growth requires a view to the future and beyond. By treating electricity solely as a commodity as opposed to a necessary economic component this will not be accomplished.

Innovation and progress is born of need and change. It is time for people, politicians and courts to look beyond today and to the future. The intelligently run corporations will help foster innovation and progress, the conservative ones will inevitably fail.


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