Disruption.   DSC00937.JPG

Disruption is good and bad. In the digital landscape disruption can lead to innovation, in the natural not so much.

When Industry talks about conserving (conservative principles) they are talking about conserving not the planet, but growing profit margins.

Industry does not look at the big picture. Industry looks solely at short term monetary gains. This is why Exxonmobil squashed their own scientists findings on fossil fuels and it’s effects on climate.

Now the Wood Product Industry wants to plant forests of GM trees that will make the wood products they sell easier to make.

Sounds great, less expensive to make = more $$$. But…

Trees are plants and they grow in forests. Plants cross pollinate  with the aide of the wind and insects.

What if, these genes end up in other trees? Conifers, oak trees, redwood trees? Peach trees? Almond trees? Apple trees? Sugar maple trees?

It would take decades just for some of these trees to reach the maturity. By then if these GM genes have been introduced it would be decades too late to stop. That would be a not so great type of disruption.

Perhaps it’s time to disrupt the multi-national conglomerates and their “conservative” agenda.


It’s not the trees that need to change, but rather the actions of those who interact with them.